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Sync House




AUD $12500.00 + GST

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Our architectural concept:

  • The name Sync, comes from synchrony, meaning a harmonious relationship. Much like a device and a computer, you can use your home to reset and ‘sync up’. The design of this home interprets the Yin + Yang; the masculine and the feminine, this can be seen in the use of curves and straight lines, room organization, the use of materials and access to light. The masculine is seen in the vertical elements of the façade and internal wall claddings. The feminine is the unique interaction with light and the curvaceous elements of the floor plans. Harmony is achieved in the balance of the masculine and feminine principles, as they apply to the building design, but also to the effect of the building on the clients and the surroundings.

Description of the house:

  • The façade of the building uses the material to distinguish massing and connection. The use of charred vertical wood cladding creates a beautiful rendering solution. The garage can house two cars and plenty of room for storage. Consideration has been given to zoning the internal spaces separating arrival, living and sleeping zones. The office is placed at the front, next to the garage, the main entrance is placed at the side, so you can walk right into the view of the courtyard as you enter. The courtyard is used to harness solar access, provide spatial relief and definition, as well as defines the visual axis. The kitchen, living & dining areas are connected to the entertaining areas, with a double-height area that floods the area with natural light. The master and ensuite are at the back of the house, while the kids' rooms are at the front, separated by a library and sitting area. As you can see in the renders, the use of wood in slatted vertical frames and fluted wall coverings, are all used to create beautiful spaces, with unique moments of light. The back of the house is made to be adjustable, with the ability to create seamless indoor/outdoor, or close it off for cooler conditions or inclement weather.

About the architect:

  • Archisoul’s values are aligned with the true meaning of sustainability – return to wholeness. Sustainable Architecture is really about expanding into that multi-dimensional place of the natural and built environment, creating spaces that inherently connect us all to each other and to our planet. Our team is passionate and dedicated to delivering site-sensitive architecture that is unified and harmonious. We are also Passive Haus certified.  

The three core values are:  

  • Contextual Sustainability - Where is the house to be placed on-site to maximize the quality of light, relationship to wind, and aspects to views?  
  • Social Sustainability – can the occupants live in harmony? Using elements of privacy and connectivity to foster relationships.  
  • Fiscal Sustainability – Responding to the clients budget and creating the best product with the restraints, we are given.  

House Size:

360 SQM –floor area.  Designed for 12 m wide site.
Ground floor including Garage= ~200sqm
First floor = ~160sqm


North orientation ideally to the rear garden area or to the courtyard side to allow solar access to the most used spaces.


Designed for minor slope, but can be modified to be stepped.


4 to 6





The Design Difference

Curves and visual axis sightlines

This plan comes with:
  • Full schematic developed floor plans  
  • + 2 sections  
  • Renders  

- A new custom design approach based on your brief and site.
- Assisting in the DA Process.

- Supplying Construction drawings.

Stages of engagement depending on your site and the level of the design process involved. Can be further discussed upon application and purchase of the plans  

1 –    Feasibility/ Concept Design  

1B – Design Development  

2 –   Development Application  

3 –   Construction Documentation  

4 –   Construction Certificate  

5 – Contract Administration/ On-site Construction

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which approval mechanism can be applied if your site is applicable?  

CDC = Complying Development Certificate (certified)
DA = Development application through council.
Each site needs assessment after preliminary sketch designs applied to the site and further planning investigation is done.

Why use an established sustainable Architect?  

Years of experience have honed the need for understanding and delivering truly sustainable architecture. Balance and harmony are archived through careful curate with rigorous QA. Systems applied.   As Einstein said: “Matter is never without spirit. Spirit is never without matter”. This is the rigorous approval to the design and approval process as well as the architectural end result.  

How do your sustainable living beliefs translate as a practice?

We believe that true sustainability is a return to wholeness.

What else as a practice do you belong to?

We belong to the Passive Haus group.