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Zenaji Aeon Battery

Zenaji Aeon Battery

The Zenaji Aeon Battery delivers the best performance and lifespan for the domestic battery market. It is a scalable battery system that makes economic sense.

22,000 Cycle Life

The Zenaji Aeon Battery boasts the highest battery cycle life on the market. Your battery will be an investment adding value to your home.

20 Year Warranty

The Zenaji Aeon Battery provides a market leading 20 year product warranty.

-40°C to 60°C

A wide temperature tolerance means you can rest assured the Zenaji Aeon Battery will be operating in even the most extreme climates.

3+ Cycles a day

With a large cycle life and high C-rate capacity our batteries can be discharged 3 or more times per day, allowing you to take full advantage of peak pricing.

100% Depth of Discharge

By using a Lithium Titanate chemistry, the Zenaji Aeon Battery takes full advantage of the entire battery capacity.

Extreme Safety

Our Lithium Titanate battery chemistry is the safest on the market. Our battery case design is made to withstand all manner of shocks and conditions.

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