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Sustainable Roof Ventilation

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Sustainable Roof Ventilation

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The Solar Whiz™ is the market leader for residential & commercial roof ventilation. The residential range can extract up to 2,100 m3/h of air, while the commercial range can extract up to 10,000 m3/h. a Solar Whiz system keeps your roof space cooler and drier.

Outside ambient air (replacement air) flushes out the heat trapped inside your roof space, which can reach up to 70°C in summer. This heat load in your roof is responsible for 25% to 35% of heat gain inside your home.

If you’re struggling to keep your home cool, a Solar Whiz is a smarter ventilation system that is free to run on solar power.


Solar Whiz is a 100% solar-powered roof ventilation system that keeps your home cooler, drier, and overall more comfortable.

Heat throughout the day will gather in your roof space and has nowhere to go but down through your ceiling. This heat warms up your living spaces, especially the top-level of multi-storey homes. Worse, the heat typically stays in your roof space well into the evening and night if there’s no way for it to escape.

Solar Whiz extracts this heat load by ventilating it and replacing it with cooler, ambient air. This puts less strain on your air conditioning, as it won’t be trying to actively cool down air that is constantly warming underneath your ceiling.

Accessories for a Better System

Solar Whiz offers a range of accessories to improve the operation of your ventilation system.

  • Night Operations System

The Night Operations System (or Constant Current Module) allows your Solar Whiz system to top up electricity from mains power if you wish to run the system in low-light conditions or at night.

  • Adjustable or Fixed Temperature Thermostat

Thermostats allow your system to run at specified temperatures, allowing you to keep the heat in through winter when warmth is most important!

  • Installation Accessories

Throat extension collars for roof spaces with limited clearance for installation, gable fans, diffusers… Solar Whiz has a component for every roof style.

Some Benefits

  • 100% Solar Powered – You benefit from up to 2,100 m3/h without having to spend a single cent on operational costs.
  • Out-performs a Whirlybird – Solar Whiz systems are equivalent to installing up to 20× whirlybirds on your roof.
  • Suitable for Tiled OR Metal Roofs – Flexible aluminium flashing allows for a watertight seal that can be installed on either tiled or metal roofs.
  • Minimises Moisture & Condensation – Moisture anywhere near timber can quickly lead to mould, mildew, and eventually timber rot; but Solar Whiz’s powerful airflow keeps air movement constant and prevents structural damage in the first place.
  • Commercial Options – If you have a commercial space that you need to ventilate, Solar Whiz Commercial offers units that extract 7,000 m3/h and 10,000 m3/h respectively.
  • DIY-Friendly – With the right tools, a handyman can install a unit without the need for an electrician or carpenter.


The Solar Whiz system is completely DIY-friendly with easy to follow instructions. If the Night Operation System is installed, a certified electrician will be required to install the power point necessary for the power pack.

The Solar Whiz is typically positioned on the highest point of your roof closest to the ridgeline, and several eave vents will be installed in your eaves or lowest point of the roof for replacement air intake. The mounted PV panel will be tilted facing true north at a degree best suited for capturing as much available sunlight throughout the year.


Solar Whiz units come in 4 distinct sizes, each suited for different sized homes or extraction needs.


Solar Whiz provides a warranty of 10 years for the PV panels attached to the unit, and 2 years for the components of the unit itself.   


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