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Sub Floor Ventilation

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Sub Floor Ventilation

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Sub Floor Ventilation (SFV) with Solar Whiz™ keeps your home’s sub floor space drier, and healthier. Your home is one of your largest investments, and it’s important to protect it from moisture. Uncontrolled damp can lead to mould, mildew, and eventually even wet or even dry rot in your timber.

Restumping your home is an expensive issue. By the time you’re noticing strange smells through your floor, that’s already a sign that you need to address the subfloor.


Sub Floor Ventilation uses a variety of solar-powered fans to continually cycle fresh air through your sub floor, extracting any moisture that may gather in your sub floor space. Simply installing a few vents may not be enough, as they won’t push the condensation out of the space.

The fans are connected to PV panels placed on your roof or can be set up to operate on mains electricity.

A second option if your sub floor is treat the moisture issues is to duct a SAM (Solar Air Module) system into your sub floor to keep the air warm, fresh, and dry.

If you leave it too long, uncontrolled moisture becomes a haven for mould and mildew, which can create health issues from higher dust or moisture concentrations. Further, it can become incredibly expensive to restump your home if your stumps are affected.

Some Benefits

  • 100% Solar Powered – Sub Floor Ventilation uses the same components that a regular Solar Whiz roof ventilator would use—so you get 100% free-to-run ventilation for your sub floor all day, every day.
  • Modular System – With sub floors all presenting unique problems, Sub Floor Ventilation has a variety of solutions to keep all sizes and styles ventilated.
  • DIY-Friendly – With the right tools, a handyman can install a unit without the need for an electrician or carpenter.


Sub Floor Ventilation can be installed by any competent handyman, though an electrician is required if a Constant Current Module (mains-power operated fan) is installed alongside the system.


Solar Whiz Sub Floor Ventilation provides a warranty of 10 years for the PV panels, and 2 years for all other components.

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