Solar Light Wizz
Solar Light Wizz
Solar Light Wizz
Solar Light Wizz
Solar Light Wizz

Solar Light Wizz

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Brand: Ecohouz

Solar Light Whiz™ LED lights are a modular home lighting system designed with flexibility in mind.

They dim and brighten with the availability of sunlight, as they use solar power. They run free throughout the day.

The wide range of LED lights offer bright lighting through circular, rectangular, and square lighting fixtures. If you’re considering renovations or a new build for your home, consider skylight alternatives today.

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Solar Light Whiz brings you bright, inviting warm light without the hassle of having to install an expensive skylight through your roof and ceiling.

In a newly built home, skylights aren’t as difficult to work with—but existing homes can be an expensive mess to tunnel a feature light through. So, Solar Light Whiz brings you the same impressive lighting without the installation hassle.

Solar Light Whiz is a 100% solar-powered LED lighting system, offering bright and impressive feature lights for your lighting needs. Whether you need an impressive feature light for the dining room or simply to see in your corridors, Solar Light Whiz has a solution for you.

Accessories for a Better System

Solar Whiz offers a range of accessories to improve the operation of your ventilation system.

  • Night Operations System

The Night Operations System (or Constant Current Module) allows your Solar Light Whiz system to top up electricity from mains power if you wish to run the system in low-light conditions or at night.

  • Single-Channel & Multi-Channel Dimmers

Solar Light Whiz can be paired with a dimming system to allow you more control over the level of lighting in a room at a given time. Paired with a Night Operations System, this gives you great flexibility with your lighting at night.

  • Installation Accessories

Ceiling spacers, custom-built recesses, splitter leads, extension leads… If you have a specific style of lighting in mind, Solar Light Whiz can help you achieve your design needs.


Some Benefits

  • 100% Solar Powered – Solar Light Whiz produces warm, inviting lighting from the moment that the sun rises, to when the sun sets. It even dims similarly to a traditional skylight with the availability of sunlight to power it.
  • Modular System – With a wide range of installation accessories and light sizes, Solar Light Whiz allows for lighting design to ensure you get the feature light you’ve always wanted.
  • Expandable System – Solar Light Whiz can add more lights to an existing PV panel if you ever decide to expand your Solar Light Whiz LED lighting.
  • Colour Temperature – With a kelvin range of 4000K to 4500K, the lighting output of a Solar Light Whiz LED light is designed to produce a similar colour temperature to midday sunlight.
  • DIY-Friendly – With the right tools, a handyman can install a unit without the need for an electrician or carpenter.


Solar Light Whiz units come in a range of different shapes and sizes, each suiting different lighting design needs.



Solar Light Whiz provides a warranty of 10 years for the PV panels, and 4 years for the lights, and any components involved in the system.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

We guarantee that all products sold are free from manufacturing faults and defects for a period of 24 months from the date of original delivery. In the event that a product is proven to be defective, you are entitled to the restoration of the goods through repair or replacement, whichever is decided as being the most efficient and effective remedy.

It should also be noted that the guarantee does not cover:

  • Any breakage caused by negligent and/or improper use of the goods
  • Changes caused by normal wear and tear
  • Any damage caused by lack of and/or erroneous maintenance
  • Any damage due to an accident or force
  • Degradation of finish caused by environmental factors