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Solar Air Module

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Solar Air Module

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Solar Air Module™ (SAM) supplies your home with fresh, naturally heated air with no power costs. As a solar air heater, SAM contributes to your heating by using the sun to warm the air inside the collector modules, which is then ducted into your living spaces. This minimises your need for gas or electric heaters through the day.

The system is modular, allowing you to ‘stack’ SAM collectors should you wish to install more for greater heat contribution.

The air supplied from SAM is dry and filtered, reducing allergens and toxins inside your home.


Solar Air Module utilises the same principle as a greenhouse to warm your home. You know how your car gets all toasty after sitting in the sun? Solar Air Module uses specially designed solar collectors mounted to your roof to collect warmth, and pump that air into your home. The air brought into your home is filtered, providing dry, healthier air into the home. This is fantastic for asthma sufferers, or those with respiratory conditions.

It also assists greatly with increasing your heating efficiency as it increases the baseline temperature of your home from the morning through to the evening.

Accessories for a Better System

Solar Air Module offers a range of accessories to improve the operation of your ventilation system.

  • Differential Thermostat

The Differential Thermostat comes standard with a SAM system & allows you to adjust which temperature you wish your SAM system to shut off. This offers more flexibility & temperature control over its analogue cousin.

  • Analogue Thermostat

The Analogue Thermostat is a straight-forward and simpler thermostat, offering a modest temperature range & style.

Some Benefits

  • 100% Solar Powered – Solar Air Module begins operation as soon as sunlight hits the PV panel, pumping dry, pre-heated air into your home.
  • Modular System – Other solar air heater systems can take up a large amount of roof space. SAM uses smaller, modular collectors to take up less space on your roof.
  • Expandable System – If you’re looking to extend your SAM system in the future, the modular mounting frame allows for someone to ‘stack’ more SAM collectors to their roof.
  • DIY-Friendly – With the right tools, a handyman can install a unit without the need for an electrician or carpenter.


Solar Air Module does not require an electrician, and can be installed by a competent handyman by following the supplied installation instructions


Solar Air Module systems consist of one of two fans, and an arrangement of SAM collectors that are mounted to the rooftop.



Solar Air Module provides a warranty of 10 years for the PV panels, and 2 years for all other components.

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