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Houses with simple architecture and good construction practice, where all square meters are utilized optimally

Mønhuset is developed by a firm of Danish architects, and as such its architecture, idiom and functionality are deeply rooted in our core values. We realize that the house will not only be a home here and now – it may last 50-100 years to come. Therefore its design must be timeless and offer great functionality.

The inspiration for Mønhuset comes from simple and functional Scandinavian houses where all square meters have been used effectively. Houses with a simple and functional architecture built on the notion of craftsmanship. In Mønhuset we seek to avoid complex building principles that may prove not to have a satisfactory durability in the long run.

Mønhuset is available as different types of the Længehus (longhouse), the Vinkelhus (L-shaped house) and the Gårdhus (courtyard house), each composed by various standard modules, and can be configured to match your specific needs and visions.

Our services include individual solutions as long as the cross section and expression of the house is maintained. Common features to all house types are the cross section and the breezeway, which can be opened completely or partly, adjusting it to each day’s weather and use of the house. Floor plans can be reversed to orientate the house towards the attractions and lighting conditions on the site.

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