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In Ground Cooling (IGC)

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In Ground Cooling (IGC)

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In Ground Cooling (IGC) with Solar Air Module™ is a completely free-to-run, sustainable way of keeping your home naturally cool without having to rely on an air conditioning unit. It taps into the naturally low underground temperatures and pulls air through 24 parallel lengths of piping buried in the ground. This air is cooled through the pipes and pumped into your home through a fan. This is perfect for new home builds as it can be added during the excavation or foundations of your new home.


In Ground Cooling utilises a simple solar-powered fan to draw fresh air through a series of underground piping where it is cooled by the naturally cool temperatures below ground. This air is then brought up into the house where it provides cool, fresh air. The system comprises of a simply air supply outlet at the end furthest from your home, which connects to a 125mm manifold pipe. Along this manifold, a total of 24 parallel lengths of 8 meter tubing supplies fresh air through to the home via a ducted fan. It’s 100% free-to-run, far more sustainable than a standard air conditioner, and is relatively easy to install in new house builds. It’s the perfect excuse to make a flower bed or garden to help shade your topsoil! 

Some Benefits

  • 100% Solar Powered – In Ground Cooling uses the same components that a regular Solar Whiz roof ventilator would use—so you get 100% free-to-run air conditioning all day, every day.
  • Pairs Perfectly with SAM – The system can operate in tandem with Solar Air Module™ to use the PV panel supplied with the solar air heating system.
  • Ideal for New Homes – If you’re in the market to build a new sustainable home, In Ground Cooling is easiest to install while you’re excavating or laying foundations.


In Ground Cooling can be theoretically installed by anyone with suitable handy-man skills, but the digging required to lay the below-ground piping may best be suited towards an excavation digger.


Solar Air Module In Ground Cooling provides a warranty of 10 years for the PV panels, and 2 years for all other components.

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