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Overview & Product Origin


This Bubble waste bin is also called the most innovative waste bin among the various Lune products. This waste bin for outdoor use has a capacity of 360 liters and is recently available with a capacity of no less than 600 liters. This Bubble has an exclusive appearance due to the use of stainless steel and an Anti Graffiti coating. And because the 100% Hufterproof Bubble can work both a large amount of waste and has an exclusive appearance, this waste bin is unique in its kind. A real design waste bin with high functionality and efficiency.

This unique looking object has a special emptying system: the suction systems, which almost all municipalities have at their disposal. The Bubble can be emptied quickly using a suction hose hose, which ensures even more efficiency

Product Specificaties Bubble

  • Format90 x 96 cm
  • Total capacity360 liters
  • Diameter Lid: 50 cm / Foot: 90 cm
  • Colour body Stainless steel
  • Colour lid All RAL colours
  • Colour options All RAL colours

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