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Overview & Product Origin

A recently founded Radiators Manufacturer — has made quality its primary goal, from the very outset using cutting-edge production technology.

Radiators, towel warmers, and fireplaces: warmth enters the home in numerous ways and in innovative forms, the expression of research, engineering and design.


Antrax’s main strengths have from the onset been the use of innovative materials and the pursuit of original shapes. Each radiator is functional yet at the same time also attractive, thus becoming a genuine part of the interior furnishings, blending in seamlessly with its intended surroundings.

Over the years, the Veneto-based brand has partnered up with a host of internationally-renowned architects and designers, creating unique, eye-catching radiators. These various partnerships have subsequently enabled the creation of increasingly customisable radiators, both in terms of dimensions (products that can be made to order to the nearest cm) as well as finishes (the Antrax range of colours includes over 200 different colour variants, including special and plated finishes), to accommodate even the most demanding needs of the modern-day market.

Antrax IT has always tried to achieve its objectives while retaining unwavering ethics and a solid respect for social, moral and environmental values. Indeed, the brand uses the very best technologies around to manufacture radiators capable of providing the best performance levels while respecting resources and the environment. This green trait of the Veneto-based company can be found in every radiator, from the Design line to the heated towel rails.

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