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Why Ecohouz

We believe in making sustainable living a viable option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, live an energy-efficient life and preserve the planet for future generations.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the information, tools and services needed to become more sustainable. We also aim to encourage environmentally responsible purchasing practices to anyone looking to build an energy-efficient home and sell their sustainable property.

Ecohouz can service you with:

  • Prefab home materials and components
  • Cabins, modulars and tiny houses
  • Liveability appraisal proptech 
  • Eco product range

We work hard to ensure that sustainable solutions are at the heart of our property sales, design, planning and construction initiatives for new and existing projects

Spaces that make you feel inspired

Our intention is simple: our goal is to create spaces that make you feel inspired; while streamlining the entire project. Each new housing project is an opportunity to build on existing ideas and rethink new possibilities. We do this with intention and integrity and without compromising on craft and beauty. When you work with us you receive large-firm experience whilst being guaranteed a personalised service. We will oversee the build from start to finish to ensure your ideas are being integrated with our expertise. Of course, you can bring on your own architects or builders to the table and our project management team will coordinate the process ensuring everything runs to schedule.

All of our buildings achieve 7-7.5 NatHERS star ratings as a minimum. We love being given the opportunity to strive for higher ratings.

Ecohouz has the capability of providing hundreds of environmentally friendly homes finished to perfection each month. There’s no waiting-list or bottlenecks which may occur when you opt to go with a different provider.     

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