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We enable off-grid living under specific conditions and in specific environments.

Imagine: a warm mountain cabin in the great outdoors. A beach cabana on a remote island. A quiet studio in the countryside. A geeky and futuristic-looking pod near your house, where your teenager retreat to. Ecocapsule is your opportunity to get away and enjoy an authentic life in nature.

Ecocapsule is a smart self-sustainable micro home powered solely by solar and wind energy. Live off-the-grid and pursue an eco-life, with the same luxury of a hotel room.

Made from high-capacity insulated fibreglass shells overlaid on an aluminium framework, Ecocapsule's unique shape minimises heat loss and employs a rainwater collection system that redirects collected moisture to a water tank where it's filtered for your convenience.


Inspired by the houses found in Rhodes, Greece, Monocabin takes thoughtful design and simplicity to create intimate, ready-to-install modular homes focused on well-being and introspection.

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Designed in Italy, this prefab is eco-friendly and made-to-order using long-lasting building materials. Optimize this micro home for your local climate and set it up anywhere in the world.


The inspiration for Mønhuset comes from the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian homes, where craftsmanship and space efficiency go hand in hand.

Developed by a firm of Danish architects, Mønhuset’s architecture is rooted in core values of quality and usability. Your house should not only be a home, here and now—it should last for years to come.

Available in three different types—Længehus (longhouse), Vinkelhus (L-shaped house) and Gårdhus (courtyard house)—each house is composed of standard modules that can be configured to match your specific needs and visions.

Common features to all house types are the cross-section and the breezeway, which can be opened completely or partially—allowing you to adjust to changes in weather and house functionality. Floor plans can also be reversed to orient the house towards any attractions and lighting conditions on the site.


A New Kind Of Living Environment

Green Magic Homes invite you to engage with the world, spend time in nature, work in your garden, chat with neighbours, and participate in your community. We combine technology, materials and construction methods that are fast, efficient, renewable, waste-reducing and locally sourced. As a result, this lets us create uniquely beautiful and futuristic designs that blur the lines between inside and out.

Green Magic Homes are a patented and revolutionary construction system for Earth-Sheltered Homes made with cutting-edge polymeric compounds and aerospace technology. This offers the ability to live integrated with nature, in total comfort and with high energy savings at very affordable prices.

Our structures are covered by soil and rich greenery, making them energy-efficient and energy-saving. Our berm design layouts consist of exposed elevation for the face of the house, allowing the sun to light and heat the interior, while soil covers the other sides and roof to protect and insulate the unit. The floor plans are arranged so that common areas and bedrooms share heat and light.

The earth surrounding the house provides excellent soundproofing and protects against the impact of extreme outdoor temperatures. Our eco-homes require less outside maintenance, blend into the landscape more harmoniously than conventional homes, and offer exceptional protection against high winds, hailstorms, and natural disasters.