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What is Prefab?

A prefab is a structure where the components have been constructed and manufactured in a factory, then packaged and shipped, and finally assembled at a location. This is a more cost-efficient approach rather than building brick by brick.

What Prefab solutions does Ecohouz Provide?

Ecohouz’s innovation and technology provides advanced end-to-end solutions for building sustainable homes. With guidance from our talented project management team coordinating the entire decision process, from architectural designs for medium and high-density buildings to sourcing building components and joinery, you can be rest assured that your next build will be cost effective and stress-free without compromising on the latest technology.

What are the benefits of Prefab?

Get your house ready faster – Building the components off-site in a factory or manufacturing plant rather than on-site can reduce the overall construction time of a project.

It's safe – It's safer to control the construction of a house in a factory. There are clear and consistent processes in play and usage of machinery is streamlined inside a factory.

It's for the planet - more sustainable – With less disturbance and traffic around a sit, simpler material flow and less waste the planned assembling process will automatically reduce your carbon footprint for the construction.

Tighter quality control – When the majority of the production taking place in a factory, the processes will rely on factory-controlled handling. Meanwhile, all components of the project will be protected from weather and wind, climate changes and mistreatment.

Cleanness - Component will be cleaner and without any damage from humidity as the factory will enable elements to be pre-formed, pre-poured or pre-applied.

Technological advantages – The rapid development of computer software along with fabrication technologies are revolutionising construction methods on a daily basis. We take advantage of all new opportunities.

More value for your money – Faster time for you or your or tenants to move in. For a landlord, this means being able to generate income faster. being able to move into your home may generate income faster. Less money spent on builder occupying the construction site.

Give you certainty – Due to fewer weather delays, quicker manufacturing processes and construction processes, deadlines are more likely to be met and your house ready on time.

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