Sustainable Homes

Greener Living

Each Eco-houz design uses the best in sustainable components from intelligent glass with enduring thermal properties to insulation from recycled material combine to boost your energy-savings. When reducing your impact on the planet is as important as your family home, our pre-fabricated buildings provide you with innovative living options whether your choice of location is ubran, rural or off the grid. Living greener doesn't mean compromising on comfort or luxury.

Every aspect of design, components and fabrications is carefully considered to reduce the impact on the environment, while still maintaining a high quality of living without compromising on life’s little luxuries. Each step of the manufacturing and construction process is done in the most environmentally-friendly way possible due to our desire to protect our planet for our children and future generations to come.

  • Intelligent glass with double & triple glazing for heating and cooling
  • Sustainable thermo-treated timber framing
  • Using only renewable resources
  • Carbon-reducing manufacturing process
  • Powered by Zenaji’s Aeon Battery
  • Made to withstand the demands of the Australian climate
  • Greener living
  • 90% less energy to heat and cool
  • Designer stone & ceramic finishing
  • Space-saving, innovative bathroom design