Check the ropes, hooks and eyes regularly for wear and tear.

The sun gradually breaks down the fiber in all ropes.

A safety surface under the swing is recommended.

Don't start to swing your baby until he/she is sitting up unaided, approximately 6 months. Always support your baby well with cushions etc. until your baby grows into the swing.
Please remember a young baby should always be swung gently. Always use the safety belt.

Swing rule No 1

Keep a safe distance from someone swinging so they can't hit you.

Make sure every child that is in your home knows this rule. As you know how it is with children, you have to
remind the children of the rule over and over again.

Young children generally don't have a conception of measurement in metres so it is best to show them the distances or better still mark it.

Babies and children love to swing.
Swinging has really great benefits for your baby and child.