Resort & Back Yard Eco Houz

We took our time so you don't have to.

Green Magic Homes are a patented and revolutionary construction system for Earth-Sheltered Homes made with cutting-edge polymeric compounds and aero-space technology which offers the ability to live integrated in nature, with total comfort and high energy savings at very affordable prices.

Our “elevational” berm design layouts consist of an exposed elevation or face of the house, which usually faces north, to allow the sun to light and heat the interior, while soil covers the other sides and roof to protect and insulate the unit. The floor plans are arranged to allow common areas and bedrooms to share heat and light from the northern exposure.

The earth surrounding the house provides excellent soundproofing, protects against the impact of extreme outdoor temperatures, requires less outside maintenance, blends into the landscape more harmoniously than conventional homes, and offers exceptional protection against high winds, hailstorms, and natural disasters.

The inside of the house is constructed to take advantage of the solar gain and alternative energy efficiency, along with providing the convenience of traditional construction.


The Ecocapsule is an opportunity for an eco-life.