Rden Boer

Dutch design,

Industrial designer Reinier den Boer, graduated  in 2003 Cum Laude(with honours) at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. In his designs he strives to create products wich fullfill a clear value proposition, resulting in innovative designs that really matters to the user. The designs are following the principles of the Circular Economy, are intuitive to use, envision a chain innovation of the direct (logistical) ecosystem and are designed in a way to aestheticly blend in into the user environment.

At key city areas, the litterbins are often emptied upto 5 times a day. In order to reduce collection logistics and to prevent risk of overfilling and street litter, there is a need of large volume collectors.  The large collection volume however, is often considered to be unappealing to city architects and city planners. An alternative solution to take the volume underground often results in many interactions with utility companies, permits and extensive groundworks.  The fixed locations of the collectors do no longer allow a dynamic optimization placement to respond to changing collection needs.

The Bubble is an innovative city litterbin, designed with the waste collector, city architects and the user on the street in mind. The Bubble offers a large above ground collection volume, which is easy to place, aesthetically appealing in the city environment and above all; user friendly. The Bubble  represents a vandalism resistant stainless steel sphere, which makes it the most effective enclosure of a volume. This high volume sphere is offering both an efficient waste collection volume upto 600 liters, while the spere shape will make it appear to be much smaller and discreet. The metal brushed finishing of the outer surface is gently reflecting the colors of the environment to blend into the athmosphere. The innovative emptying method, allows a suction hose to be placed into the aperture initiating an airflow to start revolving inside the sphere, automatically lifting the collected litter towards the aperture without the need for the worker to bend his back. This allows an intuitive and ergonomic emptying sequence for the employees. With this, the Bubble realizes a balance between large collection volum e, city street design and innovation of the full chain of collection logistics.