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I would like to create a home with Ecohouz

Moving beyond the traditional scope of property development, Ecohouz works closely with architects and designers to harness design-led, environmentally responsible building practices with every project.

With you every step of the way

Ecohouz is with you every step of the way. We help you to create your dream home from concept stage, through to design, build and sale. 

Each new housing project is an opportunity to build on existing ideas and rethink new possibilities. 

Quality Control

Our team will oversee the build from start to finish to ensure your ideas are being integrated with our expertise and ensure that we are achieving your vision, with respect to your budget. We work with Australia's best architects, developers and builders to ensure that we are providing a premium service for our clients. 

We build the right team for each individual project, so of course you can bring your own architects or builders to the table if you like, and our project management team will coordinate the process ensuring everything runs to schedule.

We use cutting edge technology to deliver a range of homes including custom, prefab, or tiny homes.

If you can imagine it, then we can make it.

We want you to have the full experience when you work with Ecohouz that’s why we use Augmenter Reality (AR) technology to bring your ideas to life. Enjoy the full experience of an integrated planning phase with the use of AR to create 3D modelling that displays realistic textures and objects, animations, detailed lighting, and much more. 

We pride ourselves on providing a large-firm experience whilst guaranteeing a personalised service. 

7+ star rating on all Ecohouz products

If you are building with Ecohouz, rest assured that whether it’s a prefab home, a tiny house or a bespoke build we incorporate several carefully developed and select core components that will ensure your home sets a new benchmark for energy efficiency.

We work with you to understand and advise on how we can create your dream home and then we are there with you for every step of the way, from start to finish to ensure our ideas are being integrated with our expertise while meeting and exceeding Australian standards.