Marco A. Barba

Marco A. Barba

Born in Mexico, a place where most things are made by hand, and with genuine designs, from the mind of the craftsman.

In this place I became an industrial designer, based on the idea of creating unique designs but with my own style always adapting to users, new trends and requirements of my clients.

Before I started college, I was already participating in entrepreneurship and design programs, I became more and more passionate and decided to study Industrial Design, there was no more for me, since then I focus on preparing myself every day to be the best industrial designer. I won some design competitions (CLAP Awards, Comex trands, a! Design), all in the first places, the last of these awards was the James Dyson Award in the national category for the Bermuda project, water purifier for emergencies.

About Bermuda

Bermuda is a low cost sea water purifier for emergencies that use sun energy, pressure control and filters to make it optimal for human consumption. In order to help castaways and people with danger of dehydration due to difficult access to drinking water.

I like to travel, to cross my country and the world, in some of these trips through Mexico I noticed that most of the fishermen do not have optimal equipment and tools for fishing, and some of them have had several problems with their boats, the climate or even geographical orientation. Basically most of them did not have equipment to survive a longer shipwreck.

I also researched on the processes and techniques of desalination and water purification in collaboration with doctors and professionals who could support the project, finding afterwards several processes that can be improvised and work in the same way but that are not so efficient, that is why I decided to combine some of these techniques and basic principles of physics and chemistry to achieve a much more efficient process, faster but without losing the sense of the project.

Subsequently, simple operational prototypes were created and a positive result was obtained which, in comparison with current methods, can accelerate the distillation time and obtain a better water quality.

Industrial design is in all the things we use in everyday life, from the simplest ones, to applying it to tools that positively impact the lives of many people, that makes industrial design more meaningful for me.

Thats why Bermuda comes up from the fact that although they are surrounded by water, it is not suitable for human consumption, which is why Bermuda converts seawater into drinking water from certain processes and also it can be an excellent lifeguard because of it's inflatable structure!