Architect Plans

Architect Plans

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Who We Are

Your future house plans, components and builders, all in one place.

EcoHouz provides you with premium architecture plans, repurposed to suit your future habitat.
Using sustainable materials to positively impact your well-being and environment, EcoHouz then integrates revolutionary and inventive solutions in every aspect of the design, manufacturing and building process.

Leading architects from around the world work with EcoHouz to repurpose plans to suit any site using local sustainable materials applied by builders whose focus is to positively impact our wellbeing and environment.

House with Pool

The type of work we do

Architecture Plans

Leading architects from around the world are working with EcoHouz to provide you with some of their premium plans for your future sustainable home.

Affordable Housing

PODS are an easy addition to any property- and being fully self-enclosed, they’re also a great investment as rental homes or B&Bs. PODS are modular, meaning you can easily attach multiples together to create a unique and larger space.

Prefabricated Housing

EcoHouz oversees each project from design, innovation, and construction, so that your home can become an amazing space to live, work and flourish in. Our goal is to make the building process as fast and efficient as possible without compromising on quality. Use our project management team for quality end-to-end solutions.

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100% Australian Initiative

As a leader in sustainable housing, EcoHouz only sources the best, sustainable materials available globally, and use local trades in all its projects. EcoHouz also supports local and social enterprise when possible.

An Easy & Transparent Process

Our process is easy to understand, our documents are straightforward and succinct, with the advantage of having a full dedicated project team on your side from conception to completion.

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