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ÖÖD Hotel

ÖÖD Hotel

Enables quickly to create a living space or start comfortably with an accommodation business. The outstanding design of our house supports the productivity of your investment.

OOD allows anyone to jumpstart their hospitality business. By ordering ÖÖD model hotel rooms hosts can design their own hospitality complex starting with the number of houses (hotel rooms) with combining common areas such as saunas, outdoor kitchens, fitness rooms, reception desks, cafeterias all designed in the distinctive reflective style to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.

Exterior design

ÖÖD house is designed to be suitable for both urban and rural area. The floor to ceiling glass walls are framed by the steel structure and covering the house on three sides – making it blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment. To add just enough of warmth to the modern reflecting design, we made the entire back wall out of wood construction, covered with heat-treated wood.


Width: 6,3m/20'8"

Height: 3,1m/10'2"

Depth: 3,3m/10'10"

Interior surface: 18m2

Building surface: 19.8m2

Weight: 5000kg 





Will ÖÖD arrange for the permits for the installation of the house?

Ecohouz will send the necessary drawings of the house, but the client must contact the local government or construction department.

Will the house be transported in a complete form?

Depending on the location, ÖÖD will be transported either in a completed form (only glass is installed on the spot). If there is no access in the location for transportation, the house must be built on the site.

Is ÖÖD house suitable for year-round use?

The ÖÖD hotel room is suitable for year-round use.


Other Concept ideas for the ÖÖD Studio

Office - Our creative and stress-free office space allows you to focus on the solution, not the problem.

Yoga Space - Space to create a personal meditation haven or unifying space for a yoga retreat. Our pure and modern design supports your investment in the physical self.





The shimmering highlight of the Surface & Materials show in Birmingham was this space-age pod called ÖÖD.


This prefab mirrored house can be plopped almost anywhere.


You can start seeing a return on your investment — whether through guests or relaxation — immediately.


Well designed mini dwelling.

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