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We enable off-grid living under specific conditions and in specific environments.

Imagine. A warm mountain cabin in the great outdoors. A beach cabana on a remote island. A quiet studio in the countryside. A geeky hotel pod near your house. A spot for your loud teenager… Imagine an opportunity to getaway and enjoy an authentic life in nature.

Ecocapsule is a self-sustainable smart house powered solely by solar and wind energy. It allows you to live off-the-grid, with the luxury of a hotel room. Ecocapsule is your design way to independent housing. The Ecocapsule body is made from high-capacity insulated fibreglass shells overlaid on an aluminium framework. The unique shape of Ecocapsule not only minimise’s heat loss, but also provides the most important thing for life: Water. Rainwater is collected on the surface, where it’s collected to the water tank and filtered for your convenience.

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