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Why you should sell your sustainable home with Ecohouz
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Why you should sell your sustainable home with Ecohouz

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The real estate agents who also build sustainable homes.

At Ecohouz, we don’t simply create luxury prefab houses, tiny homes and ecocapsules, we can act as your real estate agent and help you sell your sustainable home and developments too, but why should you list your home with us?

Time-saving and streamlined service

As a registered real estate agency who specialise in the sustainable property and property development industry, we truly are a one-stop service. This is a great time-saving benefit for those in property investors because your entire project from purchasing land to turnkey finished products can be streamlined. We are across the board on all stages of the builds and once it's completed, there’s no need to try and find the perfect real estate agent who knows your property as well as we do. 

In-depth knowledge of sustainable materials and products

No one knows our sustainable builds like we do. So when it comes to selling, you can be assured potential buyers will get a complete deep dive into all the speciality features of each luxury home. We don’t just act on behalf of property developers. If you have a sustainable family home that you wish to market, being eco-friendly specialists, we can help you find a new family who will build new memories in your home.

One invoice

When you’re building a home it can be frustrating trying to figure out how much money you have to pay and to who. There are deposits for the architects, deposits for the builders, deposits for real estate marketing when your sustainable development is ready, to sell and all different due dates. Who needs that? At Ecohouz, you’ll get one invoice and you pay it directly to use. Then we’ll redirect the funds where they need to go.

Flexibility is our middle name

We will oversee the build from start to finish to ensure your ideas are being integrated with our expertise. Of course, you can bring on your own architects or builders to the table and our project management team will coordinate the process ensuring everything runs to schedule. Alternatively, if you just want to invest and sit back while we let the eco-magic happen, you can do that too.

No wait-time

We have the capability of providing hundreds of luxurious, environmentally-friendly homes finished to perfection each month. There’s no waiting list or bottlenecks which may occur when you choose a local builder. As soon as you know what you want, we can get started. How’s that for service?

Personalised service

Each new housing project is an opportunity to build on existing ideas and rethink new possibilities. We do this with intention and integrity and without compromising on craft and beauty. When you work with us you receive a large-firm experience while being guaranteed a personalised service. You're never just another customer. We truly do care. We may start the journey as strangers but we like to think that all our clients become friends.

Database of potential buyers

We have a list of buyers actively seeking sustainable homes, which means your home or property development will spend a shorter amount of time on the market.

If you’re ready to start your build with Ecohouz or sell your property with Australia’s best sustainable real estate agency, talk to us today.


Photo credit: Green Homes Australia

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