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Adidas Shoes Made From Ocean Waste

Adidas Shoes Made From Ocean Waste


Adidas is making giant steps towards protecting the planet by repurposing ocean waste into running shoes for eco-conscious athletes. The move to produce their environmentally-friendly range named UltraBoost is not simply a clever marketing stunt for the German sportswear goliath, but it constitutes a real change in the future of manufacturing footwear. Due to the success of the recycled plastic shoe, in a stroke of brilliance, Adidas has taken their planet-saving to the next level with eco-innovative swimwear.

Adidas sold more than $1 million pairs of their new sustainable running shoes. Each pair uses upcycled plastic waste intercepted from beaches and coastal inlets before it reaches the ocean. It takes approximately 11 plastic bottles to manufacture one pair of the UltraBOOST trainers which includes ocean plastic in the heels, sock liner, upper and laces. These soft and supple running shoes redefine comfort using responsive cushioning to reduce impact and protect joints. In a line-up, you’d be pushed to distinguish the difference between Adidas’s normal range of shoes and the sustainable footwear line.

This ingenuity Adidas and Parley, a not for profit organisation trying to counteract the global plastic emergency, are giving shoppers worldwide the chance to do their part to reduce ocean wastes and vote for change by only purchasing sustainable products.

At Ecohouz, we are also trying to do their part for our environment by providing a sole hub for designers, architects, builders and homeowners who take pride in purchasing eco-innovations in technology and home furnishings. All supplier and products must meet our stringent material and manufacturing requirements.

There’s no magic wand to fix the grave danger our planet is facing, but there are steps you can take to make a difference. Become part of the Ecohouz family—use us as distributors for your eco-friendly products or shop our range online. You can even sign up for our newsletter to get our Ecoblog delivered straight to your email and notifications when new innovative products arrive in-store.

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