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Future Australians turn to sustainable homes for affordability
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Future Australians turn to sustainable homes for affordability

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Living in a post-COVID-19 economy

In an economy that’s increasingly harder to get your foot into the property market, it makes sense to collaborate. Whether it’s a joint venture in the commercial space, such as joining forces with an architect, construction company and property developers that share your vision, or the buying power that comes when the bank of mum and dad, siblings and friend unite finances, living in a recession may call for a collaborative venture.

Join forces with friends and family

The idea of ‘sharing’ has been spurred on after the success of many families delving into the world of car-sharing (pooling finances together and then either car-pooling or rostered turns at car ownership. It’s hard enough paying a mortgage without the rising cost of energy, body corporate fees (if you’re within an estate), and rising unemployment. There’s a constant drive for families to find innovative ways to reduce their daily cost of living.

While sharing a house with your brother’s family may not be the residential dream home you imagined, it’s a sure-fire way to put a stop to the endless drain renting puts on your finances. However, there’s another way to get the house of your dreams without having to compromise on luxury. By reimagining the way construction is currently carried out, there is a way to make your goal of homeownership easier. It’s time to rethink the way we live.

Reports find sustainability is the way of the future

In a report entitled The Future of Living, researchers found that by redefining size, materials and innovative technology, housing using sustainable materials would be more financially viable in the long term. They found trends such as sharing outdoor spaces with neighbours and re-purposing furniture could have significant savings. Plus one of the underlying themes highlighted in the report was a desire for people to be able to be self-sufficient.  The fact that Bunnings sold out of seedlings and potting mix and the sheer amount of stockpiling during lockdown showed there’s already a desire for Australians to be able to live off-grid, if necessary. A sustainable home is the answer.

Ecohouz leads the way in Australian sustainable homes

Ecohouz is at the forefront of sustainability and with their finger on the pulse of the very latest in high-end sustainable features, purchasing your own luxury home doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Their ability to network with a committed range of property developers, while being licensed to act as a real estate can see the traditionally high price of building your own home significantly reduced. Their smart technology such as triple glazed windows and passive air conditioning and the ability to make the most of natural light will see a noticeable drop in ongoing energy usage. The end goal for Ecohouz is to provide homeowners with options to reduce their impact on the planet. Whether it’s creating an entire sustainable community incorporating the very latest in innovative products to a one-off environmentally Ecocapsule that can be relocated off-grid, Ecohouz are the sustainability experts.




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