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8 Reasons why you need a sustainable backyard cabin

8 Reasons why you need a sustainable backyard cabin


Ecohouz backyard cabins are the new granny flats taking the world by storm

The humble ‘granny flat’ is so 2019 and has been superseded by luxurious, sustainable backyard cabins. The versatility and limited space these Ecohouz created cabins take-up is very minimal. 

As we were popping corks on champagne bottles welcoming 2020 with anticipation, little did we know that a new virus was about to change the way we live our lives and that words like isolation, social distancing and flatten the curve would be added to our daily vocabulary. With the discovery of coronavirus came a demand for backyard cabins. Families quickly began to realise the need to have separate quarters to isolate anyone who became sick or needed time-out when the people within their ‘bubble’ started driving them to drink.

Ecohouz’s range of backyard cabins are a great solution to your COVID-19 needs, and there are numerous reasons your families can benefit from investing in a sustainable backyard cabin on their property, even though restrictions are being eased. 

1. Boost the market value of existing property

The addition of a sustainable backyard cabin could increase the property value of your home by as much as 30% according to a 2019 report published by CoreLogic, providing they don’t impede on the privacy or functionality of the existing main house. (source).

2. Provides a secondary income

If you’re looking for an extra income stream, a backyard cabin gives you the opportunity to lease out your cabin as a permanent rental or AirBnB. You could top up your income from $100-$1000 a week providing you’re ready for the responsibilities that come with being a landlord. (source). You only have to take a look at our Ecohouz projects to see how luxurious and cute they look!

3. More affordable than adding on to your house

You can have a backyard cabin built for a fraction of the price it would cost you to add an additional wing on to your home. Depending on where you live, you may not need a council permit to build granny flat accommodation for a member of your family. Extra bonus: you won’t be inconvenienced by gaping holes in your house or mess while renovations take place.

4. Use for homeschooling

During the age of coronavirus, ask any parent who is undertaking homeschooling duties and they have developed a new respect for what teachers do. By setting up a dedicated learning space where there are less distractions, parents will experience more success at keeping their children focused. How many of you have asked your kids this week if they always behave like that at school?

5. An escape pod

Once upon a time there were man caves. With COVID-19 and families being secluded within their family bubbles, the need for somewhere you can escape for time-out has become an essential, particularly when you’re going stir crazy! A change of scenery can be just as good as a holiday. Whether mum needs somewhere cosy and clean to curl up with a good book, dad wants to binge-watch Wheeler Dealers and Storage Wars or kids can play noisy board games, a backyard cabin makes the ideal escape pod. We suggest a roster to avoid any family conflict.

6. Guest accommodation

Hands up! Who enjoys having the mother-in-law to stay? Make it more bearable by building a self-contained backyard cabin. The addition of separate guest accommodation means you can still enjoy having family or friends to stay without feeling like your privacy is being invaded.

7. Teenage pad

Teach your teenager how to be more independent without having to pay expensive rent while being under your watchful eye. Make sure they see their teenage retreat as a privilege which can be revoked due to bad behaviour. Their own space should be seen as a reward. A backyard cabin is also a great idea if you have a young adult who is physically or intellectually disabled and wants their independence but still needs ongoing care.

8. An alternative to aged care

No one knows your family as you do. The thought of putting your elderly parents into an aged care home may be heart-wrenching, especially with the deaths that have been recorded due to COVID-19. Aged care can also be expensive. The addition of a cabin means your parents can still maintain their independence while you are close-by if they need a helping hand. Or if they are grey nomads, it gives them a home-base they can come back to when they’re not travelling without the expense of maintaining their own home.

Now you’ve been convinced a sustainable backyard cabin is exactly what you need, explore the Ecohouz range available and be amazed!

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