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8 Reasons why Ecohouz cabins are great options for isolation

8 Reasons why Ecohouz cabins are great options for isolation


Self-isolating in luxury is easier with Ecohouz

While most Australian and New Zealanders have been stuck self-isolating in their own homes or apartments, the rich and famous are locking down in state-of-the-art style, private yachts, luxury bunkers and private islands. You don’t have to be a multimillionaire to have a luxury self-isolation pod or cabin to social distance in style. The affordability of Ecohouz’s cabins, tiny house, ecocapsules and prefabricated houses allows you to focus on making the interior as opulent as you like. A luxe life isn’t a pipe dream the price point isn’t the only reason they are a great option for isolation.

1. Quick turnaround time

Ecohouz’s range of house, cabins, tiny homes and ecocapsules are prefabricated in a factory setting, even if they are customised to your needs, the turnaround time is a fraction of traditional building. Some parts of Australia you may not even need a permit (check your local council regulations), but with parts able to be manufactured and not hampered by weather, once they arrive on your site, they can be quickly and safely erected.

2. Everything you want under the one roof

Unlike sending your partner to one corner of the house or banished to the garage, our cabins have everything you need for comfort including a compact kitchenette and bathroom facilities. This means if you do have someone within your bubble who is diagnosed with COVID-19 or any other communicable disease, they can set up camp in the cabin without having to come in and out of the main house to use the bathroom or kitchen. They even have access to a comfortable bed instead of being banished to the couch.

3. Reduced running costs

All prefabricated homes, cabins, tiny houses and ecocapsules are designed to be energy-efficient. The ecocapsules harness solar and wind power which means you can still have power without the additional costs. If you are planning on making a tiny house your main house, it could be a great way to ride out the economic downturn.

If you were to downsize and make a cabin your main house, you could effectively be mortgage-free. The Treasury is predicting the unemployment rate due to coronavirus shutdowns will continue to rise even though restrictions are being eased, so it may be worth considering if you are unable to find work.

4. Easily transportable

All our housing options are easily transportable to even the most remote locations. If you have a rural property or are looking for new options to replace your glamping tents, our sustainable cabins are designed to be relocated almost anywhere via the trailer (depending on the type of cabin), truck, boat or even helicopter. You’re not restricted to self-isolating in your backyard if you own property anywhere.

5. Provides a separate working space

Working from home has its advantages like the short commute time and saving money on lunches, coffee and transport. It can be hard to balance work/life balance when your office set-up is in the main house. How many of you have thought “I’ll just check my email”, only to find you’re still sitting in front of your computer five hours later? It’s easy to do. The introduction of an office space separate from the main house provides you with the ability to close the door and shut off from work. It also provides some much needed peace and quiet from those in your isolation bubble.

6. Live luxuriously

If you opt for living life in a luxury sustainable home, cabin or ecocapsule, the money you save on energy costs can be redirected into other areas of your property such as landscaping, adding a swimming pool and outdoor entertainment area. In the event of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions being tightened again or future pandemics, isolating at home won’t feel like a chore. You’ll have everything you want right at your fingertips.

7. Healthier living

Fresh air and sunlight can naturally kill mildew. With panoramic windows and more natural light infiltrating your cabin, you’re less likely to be living in damp quarters. Damp houses are renowned for contributing to respiratory diseases, asthma, eczema and headaches due to toxins and mould spores. (Source).

8. Adds market value

Your investment for COVID-19 or future pandemic isolations will add value to your home.

Recent research by PRD Nationwide and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and other industry partners found there was a greater demand for sustainable homes. Compared to traditionally built homes the median price is 10% higher and they also sell faster, spending 13 days less on the market. With higher prices and faster sales times, going green has never been more important to Australians.

A survey by Eurocell revealed those aged 25-40 are looking for sustainable features in their homes discovered 49% would be more likely to buy or rent an eco-conscious home. In New Zealand, a report by found people were prepared to pay up to 25% extra for a sustainable home.

Photo credit: Archiblox/Tom Ross

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