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8 Reasons to buy a sustainable prefab home
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8 Reasons to buy a sustainable prefab home

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Don’t wait for 6-12 months to be in your new home, choose prefab for a faster build.

A prefabricated home is a house design where the components have been constructed and manufactured in a factory, then packaged and shipped, and finally assembled at a location. This is a more cost-efficient approach rather than building brick by brick. But what are the other benefits of purchasing a prefab sustainable home? We’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why you should purchase a prefab home instead of pursuing the traditional building methods.

1. Move in sooner

From customising the design to meet your personalised needs to turnkey, you can get ready to live in your new home sooner. Because the construction components are built off-site, this reduces the overall time of construction.It means if you’re renting while you wait for your new home to be built, the length of time would be shorter than if you opted to use traditional building methods. Once the house is on site, the construction process is relatively quick.

2. Reduces the impact on the planet

All prefab homes endorsed by Ecohouz are built for sustainability. Prefabricated homes are more sustainable than traditional builds. There’s less waste from pre-planning the assembly. The builders will spend less time travelling to and from the site, which will also save you in labour costs and travel time.

3. Consistent quality control

When manufacturing takes place in a factory environment, the processes are all factory-controlled and overseen by supervisors who have an eye for detail, rather than builders who are rushing to get panels up before it starts raining or the wind picks up.

4. Subject to less damage

All elements of your home are created before shipping, so will experience less damage from being in a factory controlled environment. There’s less chance of your timber being warped by heat or humidity, or contamination from dirt and dust.

5. Computer technology

Software programs are becoming increasingly enhanced and ensure quality control during the manufacturing and construction process. Often it’s the prefab factories who stay up to date with the state-of-the-art advances, when smaller, localised builders are unable to afford the software or stick to the tried and tested processes they’ve been using for decades.

6. Financial savings

Whether you’re currently renting and looking to build your own home or a property investor who wants to develop a subdivision, you’ll save a substantial amount of money because of the quick prefabrication and construction process. The normal build time can be up to 12 months once the design is locked in and you purchase the land. Think of the savings you’ll make if you could be in your home within a shorter time frame.

7. Provides you with peace of mind

There are numerous things that can go wrong when building a house. In a traditional build, inclement weather is a real threat to the construction time. Knowing your home is being prefabricated in a factory setting allows you to make concrete plans such as giving notice on your rental tenancy or setting an actual time frame as to start marketing your build for sale.

8. Great for remote locations

Because the construction process is quick and fast and the house comes ready to assemble, prefabricated homes are often a great choice for remote or rugged locations. They are also equipped with sustainable features, allowing you to make the most of natural resources where town water and town plumbing may not be available.
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